Our Roots

My destiny is ensure there is a world left for the future generations of humanity. I have witnessed the decrease in wildlife species and increase in disease and food allergies, including my own. Five years ago my body began rejecting processed foods and making me very ill. Before then, I had never questioned what I was eating or what I was buying off the shelves of the market. After my research I paid attention to every chemical and additive on the ingredients lists and stayed away from conventionally grown produce. Starting Barefoot Acres Sanctuary is a way to ensure that more people have access to organic, nutrient-dense food.

Our mission

Barefoot Acres will model ecological, social & economic sustainability. Regenerative agriculture and biodynamic farming can reverse damage done to the Earth, atmosphere & humanity. We will be carbon negative by increasing the carbon content of the soil every year, not using heavy machinery, and absorbing carbon dioxide pollution from Earth's atmosphere. The farm will use no-till soil care, perennial hedgerows, and create wildlife friendly habitats for pollinators, predators, and prey to all thrive. We will strive to have a large community outreach as well as be a domestic and international education facility for people striving to make a change in their farming environment.